Why Every Couple Should Consider a Blooper Reel: The Magic of Wedding Day 'Deleted Scenes'

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life. It’s a day filled with love, laughter, and, sometimes, a few unexpected hiccups. While traditional wedding videos capture the beauty and elegance of this special day, a blooper reel can add a unique charm and authenticity to your wedding memories. Here's why every couple should consider adding a blooper reel to their wedding film collection.

The Benefits of a Wedding Day Blooper Film

(aka "The Deleted Scenes" from a wedding day)

Every moment of your wedding day, from the vows to the first dance, holds a special place in your heart. But what about the candid moments—the giggles, the funny mishaps, and the spontaneous dance-offs? These moments often go unnoticed and not used in traditional wedding highlight films, but they’re just as important. A blooper reel captures these raw, unfiltered moments, adding depth and personality to your wedding video collection.

Adds Depth and Personality

Including bloopers in your wedding video collection adds a layer of authenticity. It shows the real, unscripted moments that make your day memorable. These candid shots highlight the personalities of your wedding party, guests, family members and your partner, making your wedding video an emotional and entertaining keepsake.

Examples of Wedding Blooper Reels

Check out some wedding blooper reels we've done in the past at CGM Production Films: From a traditional format to full Episodes!

Traditional Wedding Blooper Example

Wedding Blooper Episode Example

To view more examples and our pervious couples' galleries who have ordered bloopers, please reach out to us!

Make Sure To Choose The Right Wedding Videographer

Selecting the right videographer for filming your wedding is crucial. You need someone who understands the value of candid moments and knows how to capture them effectively while making people feel comfortable on film.

Importance of a Wedding Video Professional

A professional videographer will have the experience and skills needed to anticipate and capture those spontaneous moments that others may stop recording. They will also know how to blend these candid shots seamlessly into a hilarious blooper film that'll have you laughing every time you look back on it.

Tips for Selecting a Wedding Videographer

  • Check Their Portfolio: Look for videographers who have experience in creating blooper reels and offer it in their package add-ons.
  • Discuss Your Vision: Make sure they understand your overall vision of how you want the blooper film to look and feel. This will help you and your videographer create a video that truly reflects your personality.
  • Read Reviews: Look for feedback from other couples to gauge their satisfaction with the videographer’s work.

Customizing Your Wedding Blooper Film

A wedding blooper reel can be customized to match your style and preferences.

Defining the Feel of Your Blooper Reel

Consider what you want your blooper reel to feel like:

  • Raw Candid Moments: Capture spontaneous, genuine moments that unfold naturally throughout the day.
  • Funny Interview Questions: Help the videographer come up with creative questions to ask guests funny questions and capture their responses for you to feature in the blooper film or even the actual wedding highlight film.
  • Themed Episodes: Create a blooper reel with a unique twist, such as an "Office" style episode. At CGM Productions, we've provided couples with an "Office" themed TV episode that captures the entire day, spotlighting the funniest moments. The episode was divided into chapters and featured a creatively designed "show" style intro. This option comes at an additional cost due to the extra editing time required and typically runs 12-20 minutes, compared to a traditional 4-6 minute blooper reel.

The Process of Creating a Wedding Blooper Reel

Creating a blooper reel involves careful planning and coordination with your videographer.

Planning to Shoot for a Blooper Film

Your videographer should plan to capture candid moments throughout the day. This might include asking humorous questions, recording extended shots to capture amusing audio, setting up additional cameras for interviews, or having an extra videographer to create entertaining video guestbooks.

Adding Extra Fun

Including an additional videographer can capture entertaining video messages during the reception, adding an extra layer of fun and spontaneity to your blooper reel. These moments can also be compiled into a video guestbook, allowing guests to share special messages for you to enjoy later.

Involving Your Guests

Encourage your wedding party, certain guests, and family members to be themselves and have fun. Inform them about the blooper reel your adding to your wedding video collection and ask them to contribute with funny moments and messages.


Incorporating a wedding blooper reel into your wedding film collection adds a unique and personal touch to your memories. It captures the genuine, unfiltered moments that make your day special. If you're looking to add a bit of fun and authenticity to your wedding video, consider including a blooper reel.

Ready to make your wedding video unforgettable? Inquire with CGM Production Films today and discover how our team can help you create a wedding film that includes all the beautiful and candid moments of your special day.

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