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Crafting a visual poem that celebrates the beauty of marriage is our passion. We strive to combine honest heartfelt moments with awe-inspiring landscapes, creating something beautiful and timeless for you both to treasure forever.


shai & chadwick

Our love for wedding filmmaking grows every time we work with a couple. We strive to bring out the uniqueness and exceptional nature of you both while telling your story in a meaningful way that captures your special day perfectly. Our goal is always to make sure you’re at ease infront of the camera, allowing us to capture candid, natural, beautiful memories which will last forever!

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chadwick miller

From the moment Chadwick first held a video camera as a child, he was captivated by its power to capture stories, immortalize moments, and stir emotions. This early fascination blossomed into a profound passion that led him to pursue a career in video production.

After playing college baseball at Saint Leo University and graduating with a degree in sports business, Chadwick realized that going pro in baseball or working in a sports organization wouldn't fulfill him. About seven years ago, he had the honor of filming his first wedding for a college friend. This experience sparked an immediate love for the unique creative process involved in crafting heartfelt narratives in the wedding filmmaking industry.

Since then, Chadwick's expertise and passion for this craft have grown exponentially. He recognized the immense value he could provide to couples who choose CGM. Beyond his work in weddings, Chadwick is also the co-founder of, a marketing and creative production agency that serves clients ranging from global brands like DHL and HITACHI to small mom-and-pop businesses in need of quality video content and marketing campaigns.

When you book CGM, you're not just hiring a wedding videographer; you're enlisting an industry professional who understands lighting, composition, camera operation, and—most importantly—how to tell a compelling story. Chadwick and his team don't just film weddings; they create stories. Every speech, vow, tear, and laugh are woven into a narrative tapestry that becomes your unique wedding film. These films serve as digital time capsules, allowing you to revisit those special moments whenever you wish.

Chadwick encourages couples to view CGM's services not as an expense, but as a timeless investment—one that will echo through generations, providing a visual legacy for your children and their children. Your wedding day is of paramount importance to Chadwick, and he is dedicated to capturing its essence in the most beautiful light, enhancing its beauty on film.

Chadwick aims to revolutionize the wedding video industry by offering couples something new and unique—a special keepsake that truly reflects their love story. Whether you're looking for a highlight reel, a short film about how you met, or a movie-like documentary paired with a wedding highlight, Chadwick is ready to bring your vision to life.

So, what do you say? Ready to create a special highlight love story?



Our lives are filled with love, laughter, and a passion for capturing life's most precious moments. The arrival of our little bundle of joy, Ryker, has completely lit up our world and changed our perspective on the importance of preserving memories. Watching him grow has reminded us just how quickly time flies, making our work even more meaningful.

Beyond our love for videography, we embrace a self-sustainable lifestyle. You can often find us tending to our 17 backyard chickens or enjoying poolside days together. Shai, the garden queen, has a green thumb that keeps our garden thriving. Chadwick, when not creating beautiful videos for couples and businesses, is a weekend golf addict. Ryker, our adventurous four-year-old, loves pool days, playing with robot vacuums, caring for his chickens, and helping Mommy harvest veggies from the garden.

Chadwick dreams of one day having Ryker as a talented second shooter and possibly some help in the editing room. We are dedicated to capturing your special moments with the same love and care that we treasure our own. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.



We are looking to expand our team of storytellers.