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our philosophy

Crafting a visual poem that celebrates the beauty of marriage is our passion. We strive to combine honest heartfelt moments with awe-inspiring landscapes, creating something beautiful and timeless for you both to treasure forever. Our aim? To produce an art piece worthy enough - so when looking at it in years to come it will fill your hearts with joy and keep alive the flame of love kindled on your special day!


shai & chadwick

Our love for wedding filmmaking grows every time we work with a couple. We strive to bring out the uniqueness and exceptional nature of you both while telling your story in a meaningful way that captures your special day perfectly. Our goal is always to make sure you’re at ease infront of the camera, allowing us to capture candid, natural, beautiful memories which will last forever!

founder | filmmaker | editor

chadwick miller

Since the day I picked up a video camera when I was a kid, I knew I had found something special. Fast forward to about 7 years ago, I was asked to film my first wedding for a college friend, and I immediately fell in love with the creative process of wedding filmmaking. My knowledge & passion for filmmaking has grown exponentialy since then as I've realized the value I can provide to our couples that choose CGM.

I think of my wedding films like little digital time machines that go back to a special place in time. A place you can immerse yourself in all the special moments. I encourage our couples to not think of us as an expense on their wedding day, but as an investment for their children's children.

Your wedding day is incredibly important to us and my job is to make it look even BETTER on film by capturing it in its best LIGHT.

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