How To Write A Moving Best Man Speech: Free Guide

The best man speech is a staple of any wedding celebration—it's your chance to honor the groom, make guests laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and finally raise a glass to a future filled with happiness for the newlyweds. Having the honor of being chosen as the best man comes with its set of responsibilities, one of which includes delivering a memorable speech. Whether you're an experienced speaker or stepping up to the microphone makes you sweat, this guide is designed to help you craft and deliver a speech that leaves a lasting impression.


Setting the Stage: The Importance of a Best Man Speech

A great best man speech can be the highlight of any wedding reception. It's not just about entertaining the guests; it's a heartfelt tribute to the bond you share with the groom, filled with personal stories, humor, and love.

Personal Touch: Share Your Experience

Sharing personal anecdotes will make your speech genuine and captivating. Remember, this is your experience with the groom that nobody else can replicate.

Part 1: Preparing for the Speech

Understand Your Role: What Makes a Best Man?

Before penning down your speech, understand the significance of your role. Being a best man is about supporting the groom through one of the most important days of his life.

Know Your Audience: Tailoring the Speech

Consider the wedding guests' demographics to ensure your speech resonates well with everyone. Avoid inside jokes that only a few may understand.

The Art of Timing: How Long Should It Be?

Aim for 2-3 minutes. It's just the right length to hold everyone’s attention and share a meaningful message.

Gathering Material: Stories, Anecdotes, and Advice

Collect stories and anecdotes that highlight your relationship with the groom. Whether it's a hilarious adventure you shared or moments that defined your friendship, choose stories that evoke a spectrum of emotions.

Part 2: Crafting the Speech

The Opening: Grabbing Attention

Start with a strong opening to captivate the audience—whether it's a humorous anecdote, a surprising fact, or a heartfelt thank you to the guests and the couple.

Personal Touch: Adding Humor and Heart

Injecting humor is key, but balance it with heart and sincerity. Make them laugh, but also make them feel the depth of your bond with the groom.

The Middle: Balancing Emotion and Entertainment

This section should be a blend of anecdotes that trigger laughter and those that tug at the heartstrings. Balance is crucial to maintain engagement.

The Closing: Leaving a Lasting Impression

Conclude on a high note—express your hopes and wishes for the couple's future, reflecting the joy and significance of their union.

Part 3: Delivering the Speech

Rehearse, But Not Too Much

Practicing your speech is essential, but avoid memorizing it word for word to maintain a natural and heartfelt delivery.

Overcoming Nerves: Tips for a Confident Delivery

Take deep breaths and remember that everyone is here to support you. Envisioning success can also significantly boost your confidence. Additionally, ensure that your speech is saved on your phone in case you get nervous and stumble over your words.

The Toast: Ending on a High Note

End your speech by inviting everyone to raise their glasses in a toast to the bride and groom’s happiness, health, and future together.


Remember, It's About the Groom

While crafting your speech, always circle back to the main focus—the groom and his significant day. We've seen instances where the groom begins to talk almost exclusively about himself and ultimately sabotages the entire purpose. Don't be a 'me' guy; be a 'we' guy.

Final Words of Advice

Writing and delivering a moving best man speech does not have to be an overwhelming task. With preparation, heart, and a touch of humor, you can create a moment that will be cherished forever.

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