Drone Wedding Videography: To Add or Not to Add?

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, filled with moments that deserve to be captured in the most breathtaking ways possible. With the advent of drone technology, drone videography has introduced a new dimension in wedding videography, offering unique perspectives that traditional cameras simply cannot achieve. If you're pondering whether to include a drone wedding videographer in your big day, here's what you need to know.

The Benefits of Adding Drone Coverage For Your Wedding

Capturing Unique Perspectives

One of the most compelling reasons to consider a drone is the unique perspective it offers. A drone can capture sweeping shots of the venue, intimate moments from above, and everything in between, providing a comprehensive view of your special day.

Adding a Cinematic Quality

Drone footage has a way of adding a film-like quality to your wedding video, offering sweeps and pans that are smooth and visually stunning. This cinematic touch can make your wedding video feel more like a movie than a simple recording.

Enhancing the Wedding Experience

For guests, the sight of a drone capturing the event adds an element of excitement and grandeur, enhancing the overall experience of your wedding day.

Showcasing the Venue and Surrounding Landscape

A drone can beautifully showcase the entirety of your venue and its surroundings, capturing the scale and beauty of the location you've chosen for your big day.

The Cons of Incorporating Drones into Your Wedding

Regulatory Issues and Safety Concerns

Operating a drone comes with its set of regulatory challenges. It's crucial to hire a part 107 licensed drone operator to ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations regarding drone flights. Safety should be a top priority to prevent accidents.

Weather Constraints

Drones are sensitive to weather conditions. Wind, rain, and extreme temperatures can affect flight capabilities, potentially limiting the drone's use during your wedding.

Added Costs to Video Package

Incorporating a drone into your wedding videography package will likely increase the overall cost due to the specialized skills required and the additional equipment.

How to Find a Reliable Drone Wedding Videographer

Research and Reviews

Start with thorough research and read reviews to find experienced drone videographers with a solid reputation. Pay attention to feedback regarding their professionalism and ability to handle unexpected situations.

Portfolio and Style

Reviewing a videographer's portfolio can give you a good sense of their style and quality. Look for variety, creativity, and how they incorporate drone footage into the wedding story.

Skill Level and Years of Experience

Experience matters. A seasoned drone operator brings not only flying skills but also an understanding of capturing the best shots at the right moments.

Licensing and Insurance

Ensure your drone videographer is part 107 licensed and carries insurance. This certification is a non-negotiable aspect of hiring a professional for aerial photography.


The Future of Aerial Wedding Videography

The use of drones in wedding videography is only set to increase, as couples seek innovative ways to capture their special day. With the industry evolving, the possibilities are endless.

Final Recommendations for Engaged Couples

If you're considering adding a drone to your wedding videography package, weigh the pros and cons carefully. The key to a successful addition lies in choosing a skilled and experienced drone videographer who can safely and beautifully capture your wedding from the skies.

The importance of adding drone coverage to your wedding day for your film cannot be overstated. At CGM, we are part 107 certified and have been flying for 7 years. To explore how aerial coverage can elevate your wedding film, book a call with us or inquire today. Unlock the potential of breathtaking aerial footage and make your wedding memories truly unforgettable.

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