Crafting Your Unique Love Story: A Personalized Approach by CGM Production Films

At CGM Production Films, we believe that your wedding day is a unique narrative of love, joy and unforgettable moments. Our process is designed to capture the essence of this story, creating a film that mirrors your distinctive journey. Here's an in-depth look at our personalized approach:

Consultation: The Importance of Getting to Know You

In this crucial step, we strive to understand your unique preferences and tastes. We explore your favorite genre of music and movies, discuss the film style you prefer - be it handheld, stabilized, or tripod. This step also walks you through the multitude of add-ons (we offer 10+) that can truly enhance our storytelling abilities. Unlike other companies that send you raw footage in little clips, we aim to provide multiple add-ons to choose from and of course a cinematic narrative of your special day, tailored to your liking.

Expert Tip: Be open about your vision for the film. The more we understand what you want, the better the final outcome will be.

Planning: The Blueprint of Your Love Story

This step prepares us to learn more about your timeline, ensuring we capture every important moment. Time flies on a wedding day, and without professional planning, you might end up rushing your intimate portrait session. By allocating more time for these sessions, we can gather ample footage to set your film apart. This stage also allows us to finalize your packages and deliverable add-ons, ensuring we're well-equipped to capture every detail.

Expert Tip: Provide us with a detailed timeline of your day. This helps us plan efficiently and ensure we don't miss any important moments.

Capture + Event Day: Living and Documenting Your Love Story

On your wedding day, we arrive early to set up reception lighting and start capturing shots based on your timeline. Our team blends seamlessly into the background, directing when necessary while allowing you to enjoy your day. We always have multiple cameras running (one stabilized and one on a tripod during first looks, vows, ceremony, and receptions speeches) to capture different angles. Coordinating with your photographers is crucial to us, as it ensures smooth operation and comprehensive coverage.

Expert Tip: Let events unfold naturally. Authentic, candid moments make for the best footage.

Post-Production: Shaping Your Love Story

This is where your love story takes shape. We sift through hours of footage, extracting the best moments and weaving them together with carefully selected music that reflects your personalities. Our approach is story-first, ensuring your film is not just visually stunning but emotionally resonant, capturing the essence of your day.

Expert Tip: Trust the process and delivery time (2-4 months based on our work load). Editing is an art form that takes time. We're not just cutting clips, we're crafting your story.

Delivery: Sharing Your Love Story

We deliver your film through a personalized video gallery, which allows you to relive your special day whenever you wish. It's like having your own Netflix show, accessible on any device. This approach makes it easy for you to share your love story with friends and family, near and far.

Expert Tip: Consider hosting a viewing party with loved ones or sharing your film on social media. It's a lovely way to relive and share your special day.

At CGM Production Films, we believe every love story is unique. That's why our process is designed to respect this uniqueness and create a film that truly reflects your journey of love.

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