our process

Follow our step by step pre production process in order to effectively excute your creative project.

Step 1

Discovery Call

During our initial discovery call, we will brainstorm and work with you on identifying what the main objectives, goals and budgets are for you and your project. This step will help us determine if were a good fit for your project.

Step 2

Develop concept

Together, this is when we begin to dream big and develop a creative narrative that will have a lasting impression on your audience.

step 3

pre production

Before “lights, camera, action!” there's a lot of planning that takes place from from booking talent, scouting location(s) for your shoot, putting together mood boards, finalizing scripts, storyboarding, and creating shot lists. We ensure all aspects are in place for a seamless shoot experience.

step 4


On shoot day(s), you can expect a lot of fun! We will guide every aspect of your shoot, from lighting setups, directing talent, to understanding perfect set design.

step 5

Post production

This is where the magic happens and storys come to life. We can see the end product from the minute were done shooting. This is when we start stipping the fat off and finding where things can be enhanced with coloring, sound design and special effects. After we feel like we have something pretty close to your vision and goals we will send you the video file for review. We will work with you until the end product is beyond your expectations.