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what's included with our wedding packages?

9 hours of coverage

Get 9 hours of wedding coverage with Chadwick as your lead videographer, enhanced by an additional 2 tripods for the ceremony and 1 for first looks/private vows. Opting for a second videographer provides multiple angles for key moments—ensuring no memory is missed. We recommend this for complete coverage of your special day, including up to four camera angles during the ceremony. Details can be customized during our consultation call.

Audio Recorded

We strongly believe in our films having a memorable story to build from. With private vows, ceremony messages and reception speeches in your film you'll have a story driven cinematic masterpiece. We include 2-3 Lav mics for backups and plugging our recorder into the DJ board for crystal clear audio from the ceremony and reception.

Professional Lighting

We incorporate professional lighting to elevate the visual appeal of your reception dances, speeches, and grand exit, ensuring your wedding film is absolutely spectacular. These lights are essential for capturing the highest quality video possible.

Video Gallery Delivery

We deliver all your videos on your own custom website link easily accessible on mobile, desktop, & Smart TVs for playback, sharing, and downloading to any device.

our base wedding video packages

The classic


9 Hours Coverage

1 Videographer

6-7 Minute Highlight Film

30 Second Instagram REEL (FREE)



9 Hours Coverage

2 Videographers

6-7 Minute Highlight Film

30 Second Instagram REEL (FREE)

Teaser Trailer

Drone Footage

the storyteller


9 Hours Coverage

2 Videographers

6-7 Minute Highlight Film

Full Ceremony Edit

30 Second Instagram REEL (FREE

Teaser Trailer

Drone Footage

Beepin' Blooper Film

Full Reception Speeches

the Destination


3 Day Coverage

1-2 Videographers

7-8 Minute Highlight Film

Teaser Trailer

30 Second Instagram REEL (FREE)

Drone Coverage

Available Video Add-ons

Full Ceremony Edit (13 min-1hr+)


With a full-length ceremony cut, you'll be able to look back on these special moments for years to come with full audio and bits of your footage throughout.

Teaser Trailer (1-3 min)


Your wedding trailer is sure to be filled with all the best moments of your big day that you can share on social media for all your family, friends, and loved ones to witness!

Full Reception Speeches (6-45 Min)


With a full-length reception cut between 2-3 cameras, you'll be able to look back on all the serious, funny, and heartfelt things that were spoken to you for this special day in history. This video runtime is usually 6 to 30 minutes (depends on how many speeches & length of each)

Beepin' Blooper Film (5-10)


Preserve the laughter from your wedding with a 5-8 minute blooper outtakes film, capturing all the funny, unscripted raw moments. It comes with a fitting humorous soundtrack and is one of the most popular add-ons among couples, providing a treasure of laughs for years.

the "Reality TV" Wedding Episode (12-20min)

Starting @ $2,000

This add-on is a reality TV-style film of your wedding day, capturing all the "raw" moments, the inside jokes, and the infectious laughter told in chronological chapters. It's like reliving the day or weekend through the lens of your favorite tv show. This film includes a custom intro and can be personalized to your own vision and tailored to mimic the genre of your favorite show (serious, funny, lighthearted, documentary, the office, friends, etc.) We will help guide you on all the possibilities to how your "episode" would look and feel.

The Love Story


This add-on includes an additional film day where we set up a professional interview to capture how you met, who made the first move, and other special moments. We'll also grab some b-roll footage of you both to enhance the video. Share this heartfelt film during your welcome party, wedding reception for everyone to enjoy or even intertwined within your highlight film.

full feature Doc film (12-45 Min)


Capture every special moment of your wedding day in a full-length film! From the preparations to heartfelt vows, ceremony message, captivating speeches and dance highlights - our long form doc style edit will showcase almost EVERYTHING IN FULL from your day instead of just the highlights.

the fomo "Raw Footage Cut" (10-25 Min)


To address our couples' that desire the RAW FILES, we offer the 'FOMO Edit'. This is a single chronologically arranged video of all usable raw shots that didn't fit into your highlight film. It's a simpler alternative to viewing raw footage. However, it doesn't include full vows, the ceremony, or reception speeches. It's essentially all the "b-roll" selects from your special day.

His & Her full Vows (2-6 min)


For couples who read off their vows privately; consider adding the full version of your vows as its own treasured video by itself these can be 6-15 minutes long believe it or not.

first look moments (1-3 min)

$175 Each

These are moments filled with raw emotions that deserve to be preserved. Whether it's the groom's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time or a father's emotional response to his daughter in her wedding dress, we'll ensure these unique moments are beautifully captured and crafted into a standalone video.

FIRST DANCES (7-10 min)

$350 (Includes All Dances)

The precious moments of your first dances, whether with your partner, father, or mother, are memories you'll want to cherish forever. While the highlight film only captures a few fleeting seconds of these dances, this add-on ensures that you can relive every minute of all three dances in their entirety.

credit ending


These credits scroll at the end, acknowledging everyone from vendors and venues to the wedding party and the guest list. This Hollywood-style touch immortalizes every individual and location that contributed to your wedding, ensuring they hold a permanent place in the chronicle of your love story.

Blooper Outtake Credit Ending


This extra add-on is a fun extension to your wedding film, featuring a compilation of candid bloopers and outtakes from your special day. Credits roll on the side, enhancing the movie-like experience. It's an enjoyable way to relive the random humorous and spontaneous moments at the end of your film.

Wedding Video Guest Book


Capture heartfelt messages from your guests with our Wedding Video Guestbook. This add-on features a professional interview setup with high-quality lighting and a shotgun microphone. Enjoy these special moments forever as part of your wedding video collection. To ensure nothing is missed, this service includes a second videographer.

Wedding Day Content Creator Reels


Enhance your wedding memories by hiring an additional videographer who will capture your entire day using an iPhone. You'll receive all the raw footage, and our skilled editors will craft 4-6 custom reels set to your chosen songs. These reels are perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Plus, we deliver everything within a week of your wedding, ensuring you can relive and share your joy with friends and family right away.

Available GEAR Add-ons

Drone Footage


Showcase the beauty of your wedding venue with stunning drone footage! We are FAA Licensed & have been expertly flying drones for six years now ensuring exceptional aerial shots that can elevate your wedding collection.

Additional Videographer


Sure to enhance your story visuals and capture every angle of your special day with each an every angle covered. This add on is Advised for those who want to create a true cinematic masterpiece.

Additional Tripod Camera


We film your ceremony with two cameras( 1 on a tripod and one on a stabilizer), but adding more with tripods can significantly enhance the creative possibilities for your wedding film. More cameras mean more angles, allowing us to seamlessly cut back and forth between different perspectives. If you're reading your vows during the ceremony only, we especially recommend opting for two additional tripods to capture your ceremony from every angle.

Additional Hour


Don't fret if you need us a little longer or earlier than planned on your wedding day - we'll work with you to customize our shoot hours so that it fits perfectly into the timeline of your big day.

Additional FIlm Day


This add-on offers the chance to dive deeper into your love story, capturing intimate couple sessions, interviews, rehearsal dinners, party's, or even re-enactments of your first meeting. Moreover, if you're planning a destination wedding and require extra days of coverage, this service fits the bill perfectly. Our Additional Shoot Day service guarantees a comprehensive collection of memories for you to cherish forever.


We put our all into every couple who chooses us. We think your wedding films should be unique, just like you, and easy to watch anytime, anywhere, on any device. That's why we offer your films in an online gallery that's as simple to use as Netflix. You can relive your big day whenever you want and easily share the joy with family and friends, whether you're using a smart TV or a mobile device.

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Yes of course, the packages are just to get you thinking about what is possible and what length highlight film you want.

Yes of course you can, but we highly recommend you letting us know what you are interested in before we shoot your wedding on our discovery call or final meetings so we can properly plan and capture everything thats needed

We require at least a 35% non-refundable downpayment to lock in your date.

Yes, we will contact you a month out from your wedding day so that all timelines are finalized and expectations set - then just sit back, relax, and let us create something truly magical!

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