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what's included with our wedding packages?

cinematographer + assistent

We will have our lead cinematographer shooting everything as well as our assistant helping shoot the ceremony & reception on a tripod. This guarantees you 2 angles on the most important parts of your day.

vows + speeches recorded

We strongly believe in our films having a memorable story to build from. With ceremony vows and reception speeches in your film you'll have a story driven cinematic masterpiece. We include 2 Lav mics and plugging our recorder into the DJ board for crystal clear audio.

Video Gallery Delivery

We deliver all your videos on your own custom website link easily accessible on mobile, desktop, & Smart TVs for playback, sharing, and downloading to any device.

Professional Lighting

We include professional lighting to enhance your reception dances, speeches, and your big exit. This will help us make sure that your wedding film is nothing short of spectacular.

how it works

  1. Pick a base package or film length
  2. Add or change your add-ons
  3. Get your custom quote
  4. Sign Contract
  5. Pay 35% deposit
  6. Your officially booked!

our base wedding video packages

The classic


8 Hours Coverage

5 Minute Highlight Film

30 Second REEL



8 Hours Coverage

6-7 Minute Highlight Film

1 Minute Trailer

30 Second REEL

Drone Footage

the storyteller


8 Hours Coverage

7-8 Minute Highlight Film

1 Minute Trailer

30 Second REEL

Vintage Blooper Film

2 x Reception Speech Full Cut

the paramount


10 Hours Coverage

8-9 Minute Highlight Film

12-35 Minute Full Feature

1 Minute Trailer

30 Second REEL

2 x Reception Speech Full Cut

Drone Footage

Additional Tripod Camera

Movie Credit Ending

Available Add-ons

30 second instagram highlight reel


With a vertical video highlight edit, you and your partner get to choose a song that is truly special to you both. Then let us create a perfect edit that will bring it to life so you can share to your social media.

1-2 Minute Trailer


Your wedding trailer is sure to be filled with all the best moments of your big day that you can share on social media for all your family, friends, and loved ones to witness!

Drone Footage


Showcase the beauty of your wedding venue with stunning drone footage! Capturing remarkable views from every angle, we can help elevate your special day to a new level.

Full Ceremony Edit


With a full-length ceremony cut, you'll be able to look back on these special moments for years to come with full audio and bits of your footage throughout.

Vintage Blooper Film


Preserve the hilarity of your wedding day with our blooper film. A 4-8 minute video full of all the funny moments that we would never put into a highlight, from an old school opening intro, to an old school film grain/color, and music that goes along perfectly. Get ready for years worth of laughter as you relive what actually happened that day that. Special memories you otherwise would never have!

full feature film (12-45 Min)


Capture every special moment of your wedding day in a full-length film! From the preparations to heartfelt ceremony vows, captivating speeches and emotional highlights - our long form doc style edit will showcase almost EVERYTHING IN FULL from your day instead of just the highlight film.

the fomo edit (10-25 Min)


Our couples often have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when it comes to their wedding memories. That's why we offer the FOMO edit - a special film showing all our smooth selected moments that didnt quite make it into your highlight film. This edit does not include color grading, your full vows or reception speech audio clips.

Full Reception Speech Cut

$185 per speech

With a full-length reception cut between 2 cameras, you'll be able to look back on all the serious, funny, and heartfelt things that were spoken to you for this special day in history. This video runtime is usually 14-30 minutes (depends on how many speeches)

His & Her full Vows


For couples who read off their vows privately; consider adding the full version of your vows as its own treasured video by itself these can be 6-15 minutes long believe it or not.

first look with dad


A first look with dad is a touching, emotional moment that will bring you to tears and remain in your memory for years. It's one of the most precious experiences at a wedding: unforgettable joy between father-daughter as they see each other for the very first time on such an important day!



Your first dances can last minutes... we only include a few seconds in your highlight film. Having your first dances with you partner, father, or mother can be a memory youll always want to look back on.

movie credit ending


You've said your vows and celebrated in style, now make those cherished memories a part of forever with the perfect finishing touch—a movie credits roll showcasing everyone special who shared in making your wedding day so memorable.

Full cake cut


Capture every second of joy, laughter, and sounds in this timeless tradition, so you can keep celebrating all the good things from those few minutes of your big day from now until forever.

Additional Hour


Don't fret if you need us a little longer or earlier than planned on your wedding day - we'll work with you to customize our shoot hours so that it fits perfectly into the timeline of your big day.

Additional Tripod Camera


The more cameras you have for your ceremony the more memories you will capture in crystal 4K footage. We recommend adding at least 1 more tripod camera for your ceremony.

Additional cinematographer


Sure to enhance your story visuals and capture every angle of your special day with each an every angle covered. This add on is Advised for those who want to create a true cinematic masterpiece.

Our Video Delivery Experience

We utilize vidflow to deliver all our videos to our couples as it is the best way to present your memories for high quality playback, sharing to friends and family, streaming to your smart TV, and downloading to any device.

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booking FAQS (to see all faqs view our faq page)

Yes of course, the packages are just to get you thinking about what is possible and what length highlight film you want.

Yes of course you can, but we highly recommend you letting us know what you are interested in before we shoot your wedding on our discovery call or final meetings so we can properly plan and capture everything thats needed

We require at least a 35% non-refundable downpayment to lock in your date.

Yes, we will contact you a month out from your wedding day so that all timelines are finalized and expectations set - then just sit back, relax, and let us create something truly magical!

thank you for your time

We greatly appreciate your consideration of having us capture your special day. We look forward to hearing back from you! If you would like to learn more about CGM we highly recommend booking a call with us!