Our Story

CGM Production Films was started from an office room in 2018 by Chadwick Grant Miller. Since then CGM Productions has helped many other professionals, businesses, athletes, and couples capture their story with video production.  

About CGM

We are all on a separate journey in this life, and success isn’t determined by the amount of money you make, the things you have, or the job you work at. The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency you can have today. I’m thankful that God gave me the passion for filmmaking as i believe it is my true calling and gift. As for me, video allowed me to help others get their gift & message across to there followers.


Lets face it, no ones reading your message anymore in todays age. In order to succeed today you must engage your audience by telling your brands story through multiple platforms of video marketing.


Your content should give your company a face and a personality in order to gain your potential clients trust. Let the viewer get to know the real you by creating engaging content that will leave your customers feeling comfortable when starting the buying process with you and your company.


Having the ability to market your personal brand through video content can help your customers get a better overall experience of what all you can offer, who you are as people, what you represent, and the message you wish to convey to your audience.


Implementing a video strategy is a crucial step in order to gain the most revenue out of your investment. Knowing what your trying achieve, who your target audience is, and executing the video marketing strategy on all social media platforms in order to gain the largest reach.  

The Team

Chadwick Miller

Founder & CEO/Cinematographer/Creative

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Shai Ortiz

CTO/Cinema Producer/Marketing Guru

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