cgm content membership

It’s kind of like a content retainer but based upon your quarterly goals. You get busy, the month passes, and next thing you know you’ve paid for a service you never used. Thats why we wanted to offer something that provides ongoing video & photo production services at a fixed cost for an agreed amount of time… but we help you stay on track with our point system and your package selected.

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CGM membership benefits

SAVe big

You get an instant savings on every video. The bigger the package you select, the less you pay per video.


We become an extension of your own team, sharing your vision and goals in order to stay targeted and keep the theme consistent.


No more having to research video production companies, now you have one ready to go when needed.

instant ACCESS

Club members can reserve potential shoots instantly and make changes on quarterly basis without big deposits.


You know the video you’ll be getting is top-quality and the people behind it are giving you a stress free experience when meeting deadlines.


We’ll talk with you quarterly to discuss what your goals are in the coming months, that way you’re not struggling to come up with content ideas at the last minute. We’ll also send you a monthly email to keep you on track.


Video pricing can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the project, which makes budgeting for future projects tough. Signing up for a membership gives you a consistent cost at a consistent time.


Our points system allows you to spend points over the course of a quarter, not by the month. Even if you have leftover points at the end of the quarter, We’ll have a deal in place to rollover at least some of those leftovers.


The effectiveness of quality video increases the more videos you produce and share. Becoming a member will encourage you to keep at it. 

sounds pretty good, right?

We’d love to chat with you about your goals and ideas, so click the button and let’s get to

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