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monthly content subscription?

We have found that many businesses don't have a need or budget to hire a full-time videographer or simply don't have the budget to do large one-off projects and only receive minimal deliverables. This is where we come in. We can offer monthly professional video production, photography, and help you create a video strategy that will maximize your online presence.

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whats included

Monthly Pre-Production Meeting

Planning your entire month based upon your goals from location scouting, writing, shotlisting, storyboarding, talent coordination, and aquiring the right equipment needed in order for you to maximaize your shooting days.

Content Development

We will guide you on what type of content we can create based upon your brand and overall goals.


This is where we can maximize your content by strategically getting the right shots needed in order for your content to be an even greater success.


We will bring all the content together ad begin to break it down into long form and short form peices so you get the most ROI.

distribution strategy

We can help give your a roadmap on how where and when you should post the content we have created for you.

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